Become a Crew Leader

Crew leaders are an integral part of the Habitat mission.  Without them, we could not accomplish all the great work.


How can you become a Crew Leader:

  • if you have experience in a framing, drywalling, electrical work or plumbing, or any other home / renovation construction element, sign up today to lead a group of volunteers
  • if you are a first time volunteer or a frequent volunteer and want to do more, speak to the site Supervisor and let them know you are interested in becoming a Crew Leader
  • If you're a current Crew leader and you identify a volunteer who has leadership potential, let them know about the possibilities!



We look for high potential volunteers who would be able to motivate, teach and lead a group of (potentially) inexperienced volunteers.

If you have any contacts to retirement associations (specifically corporate retirement associations, golf/tennis/other sport clubs) where we could arrange a speaking engagement for Habitat Toronto, please contact Megarrah Buxton at

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