Torbram Road

Construction Update

 A time-lapse camera by UCIT Online Security is installed on our Torbram build site. Click here to view.


December 2016

 We're currently beginning the second floors on our final block of homes which will house 5 more families. 


November 2016           

      We're now onto our third block of homes at Torbram Rd! Crew leaders, crew, and volunteers are working on back              fill, and will also be working on the floor and walls



October  2016                                     

      We've finished excavating the final block of homes on this site and are currently beginning framing. We're also                       working  on landscaping in the park and drywall is being installed on the second block of homes, along with                          insulation and trimming. 



September 2016

Drywall is installed in Block B. Insulation and trim are underway.



August 2016           

Drywall is now being installed in Block B. We have started getting ready for Block C by digging up land.


July 12, 2016                        

Bricks are being laid on Block B, and insulation and drywall are being installed. We are getting ready to start digging up land for construction of Block C.


June 1, 2016             

The roof is on Block B, and we're working on installing windows, and framing. Getting ready for drywall.



May 11 , 2016                  

We continue to make progress on four significant home building projects in the GTA. At our Torbram Rd. build site, we are almost ready for four families to move into homes on blocks A and D, while we continue to build 3rd floor walls on Block B. Next steps on Block B will be to get the roof on later this month. We will also be working to install windows and get ready for drywall inside.



April 15, 2016                

We're currently working on framing of Block B and finishing three units on Block D.                                                                                                                              


March 21, 2016                                 

Drywall is complete and interiors are freshly painted in the three remaining homes in Block D. With the great weather, framing in the five homes of Block B is moving along nicely. 


Febuary 4, 2016                         

Drywall is being completed in the three remaining homes in Block D. And, with the great weather, framing in the five homes of Block B is moving along nicely. 



January 8, 2016                                  

Two homes were completed in time for the holidays. Volunteers continue to work on drywall within the 3 remaining homes in Block D. Framing also continues for the 5 homes in Block B.



November 13, 2015                                

Interior work continues on 3 homes in Block D while volunteers work hard to complete the other 2 homes on this block in time for family move-ins this December. Framing is also underway for the 5 homes in Block B.



September 9, 2015                          

The first three homes are set to be complete in preparation for family move-ins this month. Volunteers continue working on insulation, drywall, and siding on five homes in Block D.




June 30, 2015                          



Volunteers continue to work on finishing activities in Block A (3 houses) in order to get them ready for families later this summer. Framing inspection has been passed for Block D (5 units) allowing us to begin to perform interior work. 






June 11, 2015                          


 Volunteers finished framing Block D (units) and trades took care of trusses and shingle installation. Currently, volunteers are working on closing and framing interior walls while trades are installing mechanical and plumbing. 




January 15, 2015          

Volunteers are currently working on insulation on three homes. The roofs for another five homes will be installed by the end of January. 




December 4, 2014  



Work is underway on Blocks A and D. Roof work is being done on Block A and the 1st floor is now on Block D.



         IMG 2061     IMG 2056




November 14, 2014           

Volunteers are working on raising the third floor walls on three homes, and will begin framing and cappping floors for another five homes.