6 more Brampton families have a Habitat house to call home

A Home Dedication is a special moment in time. It’s an opportunity for our community to come together to see and hear the pride, joy, and gratitude of Habitat GTA partner families receiving the keys to their new home, as they embark on their journey of homeownership.

You can describe a home dedication as a celebration. A celebration of all the hard work our partners put in to make homeownership possible for working, low-income families. Every hammer a volunteer swings, every donor whose contribution make Habitat GTA builds possible, and the political and community leaders who advocate for more affordable housing. A home dedication is an opportunity for everyone to gather and witness what’s possible when our community works together.

Meet the families

Here’s what having a safe, decent, and affordable place to live means to the families who moved into homes at Torbram RoadOlivia Marie Gardens, and Sunny Meadow this summer.

Ali family


I can’t describe to you how much this home means to our family, and how much it will change our lives for the better. Our kids will have their own room and space to do their homework and focus on their studies. They will feel comfortable inviting friends over to our home to play and work on projects. Deep inside, I am at peace knowing that I’m providing my family with a nurturing and enabling environment, and a place they are proud to call home.

Arshad-Hussein family

Owning a Habitat home will relieve the overall stress on everyone. Getting ready for school on time and going outside will be easier compared to living on the 22nd floor, and there will be much more room and peace. It will allow our kids and us to better concentrate.

Dauhoo-Hossano family

It’s very difficult living with six people in a two bedroom apartment. It feels like we’re bursting out of the seems. I can’t wait for our children to have their own bedroom space to study and room to play.

Hassan family

Being a homeowner is a great change for my children and I. Due to my income, the dream of owning a home in a safe neighbourhood was very bleak, but Habitat for Humanity GTA made it possible. Now I can feel safe, comfortable and confident about the next chapter of my life, and the future of my children.

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Ibrahim-Haggos family

Moving into our new home could not come at a better time for us. We no longer have to worry about our children’s health and safety, and can finally enjoy the time we spend together inside and outside our home.

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Mohammed family

Our new Habitat home will give our family the space we need to flourish and reach our full potential. We will no longer be living in an overcrowded, unhealthy, and unsafe home with one bathroom for the six of us. There’s now something for us to look forward to every day.

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