14 Habitat homes with The Great West Life Assurance Company & GWL Realty Advisors


Home is where the heart is… Our longstanding friends at The Great West Life Assurance Company and GWL Realty Advisors get this. They know exactly what a safe, decent, and affordable home means to Habitat families. It shows through their efforts giving back over the years.

In 2017, we mark the 14th consecutive year of home sponsorship with them. To put this in perspective, that’s 14 families that will now have the strength, stability, and independence they need to build a better life for themselves and their children.

Each year their employees swing hammers, volunteering their time on our build sites. As you can see in the photo, they’re excited to be working on their 14th home!

Last year, The Great West Life Assurance Company and GWL Realty Advisors dedicated the keys to the Arif family. Before moving into their Habitat home, the family of five was living in a 2-bedroom apartment. The home was too small for their family to live in. Their growing daughters shared a bedroom and had no personal space. As they grew up, their father started sleeping in the living room to give their family enough space to get good night sleeps.

Thanks to The Great West Life Assurance Company and GWL Realty Advisors, the Arif family now have a place they are proud to call home with enough space to accommodate their family.