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  • Meet the Carter Family

    My family and I are settling in nicely to our new home and community. The feeling of excitement and optimism my children have makes me a proud mother. In 2016, […]
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  • Meet the Perez-Cota Family

    “When our family received the news that we will be moving into a Habitat home at Pinery Trail this summer, we were overwhelmed with joy.” Osgaldo and his wife, Shirly, […]
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  • Meet the Kolo family

    To finally have a permanent place to live and no longer move from one basement to the next, relieves a lot of stress. The Kolo family became Habitat homeowners at […]
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  • Meet the Bhuttooah Family

    We were absolutely thrilled to receive the news that we have been accepted as Habitat homeowners. Amreet and Devi make endless sacrifices to save and prepare for their children’s futures. […]
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  • Meet the Lucien Family

    It means so much to finally have a home of our own, something I can pass down to my children. Dionne, a single mother of three, wants a stable home […]
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  • Meet the Hassan Family

    It is a dream come true to not only own a home, but to live in a community where my children can reach their full potential. Shamis knew that the […]
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  • Meet the Wood Family

    We’ve been through so much together, and knowing that we are living in a safe home that we own, that is free from abuse and fear, makes me so hopeful […]
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  • Meet the Williams Family

    This Habitat home is where my children feel safe to laugh, cry, sing, and grow. Like many single mothers living in social housing, it was a constant struggle for Sherri […]
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  • Meet the Saggar Family

    After all of our hard work and struggle this is a dream come true. After moving to Canada 5 years ago from Pakistan, Saggar faced many unexpected challenges. His plan […]
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  • Meet the Mouldey family

    Michelle Mouldey was stuck in just this situation. Michelle is a single mother to three children: Jason, 15, Jordan, 12, and Jada, 3. She’s lived in the same co-op for […]
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  • Meet the Sosin Family

    Habitat for Humanity Greater Toronto Area (Habitat GTA) has been building in York Region for a number of years. On August 22, we celebrated the first Habitat GTA build in […]
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  • Meet the Valderrama Family

    After learning that we had been accepted as a Habitat partner family, that we will have a home that wouldn’t cause Brendell even more pain, was one of the happiest […]
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  • Meet the Sinato family

    When the Sinato family began their journey with Habitat GTA, Lorena was a single mother determined to offer her nine-year-old son Bryan the best life possible. Blind and suffering from […]
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  • Meet the Botchway Family

    After immigrating to Canada from Ghana in 1992, Jacqueline Botchway and her husband Kojo met and started a family. For years, they struggled to make ends meet as they raised […]
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  • Meet the Francis Family

    To Karen Francis, home means a happy, safe and nurturing environment that you are proud to call your home. But unfortunately, living in fear is a daily reality Karen Francis […]
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