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Meet the Bhuttooah family

We were absolutely thrilled to receive the news that we have been accepted as Habitat homeowners.

Amreet and Devi make endless sacrifices to save and prepare for their children’s futures. Unfortunately, their current housing situation has had to be one of them. Like many newcomer families, the Bhuttooah family struggled to find a decent home due to the rising cost of housing in the GTA.

Amreet was a chemical and civil engineer back in his home country. But in order to help provide for his family, he works an overnight job as a customer service representative.

“When I get home from work in the mornings, my children have left for school,” says Amreet. It’s my time to pull out the mattress and get some rest.”

The family of four currently lives in the basement of a townhouse. They share a converted bedroom, where all four family members sleep and eat. The room is no bigger than 10’ x 12’, and half of the space is taken up by the children’s beds.

“My wife and I sleep on a mattress on the floor, which we need to tuck away in order to make space for our energetic children to move around and play,” said Amreet. “There isn’t enough room for us to have our own bed.”

Their living conditions make it difficult for their children to grow and thrive. With no room to put a desk and limited space to study, the family is worried that their home will affect their children’s development. But there are immediate situations that are holding them back.

“We’ve had issues of cockroach infestations where we live,” said Amreet. “What makes it worse is that the basement is poorly ventilated and at times we smell the drainage upstairs. It’s really tough on our family.”

After applying to become a Habitat homeowner for a previous project in Brampton, the family received news that will change their lives. They were informed that they have been accepted to be homeowners at Habitat for Humanity GTA’s McLaughlin Road build site.

“We were absolutely thrilled to receive the news that we have been accepted as Habitat homeowners,” said Amreet. “When our children understood what was happening, they started to smile and ask all sorts of questions. Will we have space for our toys at our new home? Will we have drawers to put our clothes in? Will we have a place where we can put our shoes? I was so relieved to finally be able to say ‘yes’ to these questions.”

Soon, the Bhuttooah family will have a 3-bedroom Habitat home. The children will have their own bedrooms to sleep in and enough space to do their homework and play. And the parents will have the space and privacy they need to get a “good night’s” sleep.

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