It's Time to Unlock Change

Your gift today will help families across the GTA unlock the benefits of owning a home of their own. Join us as we tackle the housing affordability crisis in the GTA, and work to bring the strength, stability and self-reliance that comes with home to even more people and communities. Please give today.

What happens to our cities when the people we depend on don’t live here anymore? That was the situation facing Jillian and Sam shortly after the birth of their daughter Ronin. Following a sudden eviction from the home they had rented for over a decade, the couple was desperate to find a new place to live. And even with Jillian working at a hospital in the community and Sam working in I.T. Project Management, the housing affordability crisis meant that the family was considering leaving the province to find affordable housing. But the family’s outlook changed after applying and successfully partnering with Habitat for Humanity GTA to move into a home of their own.

“We’re just one story. There are so many other stories and so many other families that could really use this program…We didn’t really realize that it was for people like us. It’s a hand up and not a handout.” – Jillian

Habitat for Humanity GTA is greater Toronto’s most recognized provider, and advocate, of solutions that tackle our region’s housing crisis. As a not-for-profit, we’re creating new ways to bridge the affordability gap for people who need alternative pathways to a home, especially working families.

For more than 30 years, we have been changing lives for families like Jillian and Sam’s. With our unique program, our partner families have manageable mortgage plans geared to their income. Throughout our history, we’ve helped more than 500 families to know the strength, stability and self-reliance through the the benefits of homeownership. We’re also now embarking on a plan to build more homes in the next five years than ever before.

Today we’re asking for your support. If you believe that hard-working people like Jillian and Sam – and countless other families in the GTA – deserve to have a home they can afford then we ask you to donate. The housing affordability crisis demands that we respond, and we are ready to, with the support of donors like you.

Your contribution, no matter how small, together with support from our other donors and partners helps build Habitat Homes in your community and across the GTA.