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Volunteer at Build Site

Lovleen is proud to be a woman in the trades.

She got her start in construction as a co-op student working on a Habitat build site. Looking back on her journey, she never thought that the shy high school version of herself would blossom into the outgoing women she is today.

“When I came onto the build site for the first day of my co-op, I was very nervous,” says Lovleen. “I only ever interacted with friends my own age before, and now I had to get to know and work alongside older volunteers from different backgrounds.”

Over the course of the first year of her co-op, Lovleen started to come out of her shell. She learned new skills from build site staff and volunteers, which she carries with her to this day. She even started leading volunteer groups, and credits the experience to improving her confidence.

“I really learned a lot from the volunteers on the build site,” says Lovleen. “Not only construction based skills, but social skills that have made me a better communicator, and has helped me get along with people of all types.”

Even though many of the regular Crew and Crew Leader volunteers are more than twice her age, she developed friendships and strong bonds that continue to mean a lot to her.

“The Crew, Crew Leaders, and build site staff have become like family to me,” says Lovleen. “I’ve been to Christmas parties at their homes, and go to the build sites on weekends at times, even after my co-op, to catch up, laugh and share stories with my friends.”

Lovleen found her community and passion for construction on the build site. She now works as a carpenter apprentice, and is one of the only females in the program.

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