140 Pinery Trail

We’re excited to be building homes in east Scarborough for 15 families in the first of a three year, three phase, 50 home project. We've been approved to build a 50-unit townhouse development.

About Pinery Trail

  • There are three, three-storey stacked townhouse buildings with a total of fifty ownership units.
  • There will be 80 new trees and hundreds of additional shrubs and perennials planted throughout the site. A common outdoor amenity space will be located within the eastern portion of the site and each unit will have a modest private outdoor amenity area.
  • To minimizing the noise and light from vehicle movements, we’ll install an interior private driveway.
  • 70 parking spaces will be provided. 42 spaces are located at grade at the north end of the property; 28 are in an underground garage beneath Phase 3.

Build Details:

140 Pinery Trail, Toronto, ON

This location is in the Malvern neighborhood in Toronto. Nearby parks include Berner Trail Park, Wickson Trail Park and Burrows Hall Park.

We’re committed to keeping the community informed about our plans and build schedule. Check back for frequent project updates and to view our build progress on our live webcam, courtesy of UCITOnline.