Looking for a home of your own?

The Habitat homeownership model helps working families, couples and individuals enjoy the benefits of owning a home. Habitat Partner Families initially spend no more than 32% of household income on housing, which provides stability and the chance to build a secure future. We our Habitat Partner Families with the coaching, education and support to be successful first-time homeowners.

We build homes and team up with developers to make affordable homes available in townhouse developments and high-rise and mid-rise condo buildings across the GTA. Fill out our eligibility questionnaire today to find out if your family qualifies for a Habitat home.

If you are tired of paying rent and want to own your own home, a Habitat Home may be right for you. Habitat for Humanity GTA bridges the gap for families who want to own their own home but face challenges because of unaffordable real estate prices. We provide special consideration to families living in unsafe, unhealthy or inadequate housing.

We make it easy for you to become a Habitat Homeowner:

  • Zero down payment (families are required to cover closing costs)
  • Manageable mortgage payments, so your family has enough funds to cover other living expenses and needs
  • Educational training and workshops designed to prepare you to become a Habitat Homeowner.

Join the hundreds of Habitat Homeowners who are happier and building a brighter future for themselves and their children. Explore the information below and apply today!

In addition to units for families, Habitat GTA’s HomeStart Program helps couples and individuals with the opportunity to get a home of their own, a home that allows them to live affordably, build savings and be a part of a thriving neighborhood connected to the best Toronto has to offer.

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About the Program

Habitat GTA has an established program for selecting families to partner with that is based on household income, housing need, and fit with our homeownership model. Qualified families partner with us to build strength, stability and self-reliance through owning their own Habitat home.



Attend an information session to learn more about our Habitat homeownership model and projects.


Submit your Habitat homeowner application.


A home visit to learn more about your family's living conditions.


Your file will be presented to a committee of Habitat staff from different departments for final approval.


After being approved, we will send your application to one of our lending partners to obtain a mortgage confirmation.


Your family will be notified that you will be moving into a Habitat home.