BILD celebrates 15 years of giving a hand up to Habitat homeowners

BILD Celebrates 15 years of giving a hand up to habitat homeowners

The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) empower 15 families living in need of decent, affordable housing to become first-time homeowners over the last 15 years.

For BILD, it’s about more than just cutting a cheque. The association and its members are true champions of housing affordability in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This is why the partnership between Habitat GTA and BILD has thrived over the last 15 years.

In response to the growing need for affordable housing in the GTA, BILD has raised over one million dollars for Habitat GTA since 2003. The association hosts annual events to raise funds and engage their members to connect with Habitat GTA’s mission and cause. For their 15 year anniversary in 2018, BILD will host five events with a goal of raising $80,000. Funds raised this year will go toward building a home for the Bhuttooah family at Habitat GTA’s 13-home project at McLaughlin Road North in Brampton.

The generosity of BILD changes the lives of families like the Bhuttooah’s

BILD President, David Wilkes, notifying the Bhuttooah family that they are becoming Habitat homeowners.


The Bhuttooah’s, a family of four are currently living in the basement of a townhouse. They share a converted bedroom, where all four family members sleep and eat. The room is no bigger than 10 x 12, and half of the space is taken up by the children’s beds.

Amreet and his wife sleep on a mattress on the floor, which they need to tuck away in order to make space for their energetic children to move around and play. There isn’t enough room for them to have their own bed.

The living conditions make it difficult for their children to grow and thrive. With no room to put a desk and limited space to study, the family is worried that their home will affect their children’s development.

After applying to become a Habitat homeowner in Brampton, the family received news that will change their lives. They were informed that they have been accepted to be homeowners at Habitat GTA’s McLaughlin Road build site thanks to BILD’s generous support.

Celebrating 15 years of community partnership 

“BILD’s long-standing relationship with Habitat GTA has not only provided a home for 15 families, it has also provided them with a brighter future,” said Dave Wilkes, President & CEO, BILD. “Our industry is committed to giving back to the community and BILD is proud to support our community partner and their efforts to help build affordable homes for families in need.”

We are proud to partner with BILD for 15 years. Together, we are giving families a hand up so they can achieve strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable homeownership.

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