Petra Lowden: ReStore Volunteer

Habitat has become my passion; I get such a feeling of self-worth and gratification knowing my small part is making a difference. My co-workers know it too… when the ReStore was closed recently, I stayed at the office to clear some things up. I heard from a few co-workers, who said ‘you haven’t changed yet’, ‘should you not be going to the ReStore?’, ‘what are you still doing here?’ I am a strong believer that saying thank you or a handwritten note goes a long way, these simple gestures mean so much to me, it is such a wonderful feeling. The ReStore staff and Volunteer Services team know this and make the volunteers feel appreciated and feel like family. This is why I resonate so much with the Habitat mission and cannot imagine my life without volunteering at Habitat in it. Thank you for making me feel like a star and brightening my day!

Petra Lowden volunteers at Brampton ReStore and recently received her 5-year Milestone Recognition.